Elmo Live

Elmo Live is available to order / preorder from 11 UK stores, stock levels are fluctuating so check out the latest Elmo Live prices to find the best deals and availability.

Elmo Live is the new life like Sesame Street toy from Fisher Price replacing and improving upon last years TMX Elmo toy. The new Elmo Live tells stories and sing songs. He can wave his arms, move around and even cross his legs as he sits upon his stool. Tickle or squeeze Elmo’s stomach, foot, back or nose to start him.

Elmo Live features interactive sensors and is capable of reacting to voice and touch, tickle him and he will laugh, squeeze his nose and he will sneeze. Elmo Live can blow kisses, ask for hugs and even says he loves you. With different activation areas all over his body there is no end of fun to be had with Elmo making him any child’s new best friend.

The technology in Elmo Live is very advanced with realistic speech and a wide range of movement. He can throw back his head, stand up, wave his arms, sit down and cross his legs. Listen to him telling stories complete with voices & actions and listen to him singing his favourite songs with his lips moving in time with his voice.

Elmo Live is a great way to develop listening skills and encourage interactions for children from 18 months onwards. 6 x AA batteries are required (included).